Thousands of Days

What would you do today if tomorrow was the first of thousands of days to come?



Love Why You Work.


I’ve been hearing more and more frequently lately that in order to be happy, one must find their true calling in life, and then make a career out of it. If you love cycling, then you need a bike repair shop! If you love decorating your home, you need an interior design consulting job! If Read More


Additional currency, additional concerns


Following up on the previous post about properly aligning life’s priorities away from the material, I came across a great article today about the preliminary results of a broad survey of very wealthy Americans, Secret Fears of the Super Rich. It’s well worth a read, but here’s the money shot I think: “Freud was right,” Kenny Read More


An Introduction to Thousands of Days


Have you ever heard someone say something like, “What would you do today if it was your last day on earth?” I hear variations on this all the time. “Live like there’s no tomorrow!” people love to claim as a mantra. But nobody actually lives like that, because it would be stupid to do so. Read More

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